Industry leading companies

CSG is comprised of industry leading companies offering a range of services across the building and construction sector.

We have come together in order to better serve our customers, designing a membership scheme which provides our clients with superior rates across the board. This means that every aspect of your on-site requirements come at the best available price, with the best possible service.

When you sign up to become a member, you can unlock access to exclusive trade discounts on the services of all our partner companies. Our goal is to reward our customers by ensuring that they have access to everything they need all in one place. We value your business, so this is our way of saying thanks.

How does it work?

When you use the services of a CSG partner, you become eligible to sign up to the CSG membership scheme. This means that you have exclusive access to the best available trade discounts offered by CSG partner companies to their most loyal customers.

How does the CSG Loyalty Scheme Work ?

We took a look at other loyalty programmes and wondered why they were so complicated? At CSG we don’t ask you to collect points over time, we don’t reward you in confusing bonuses or vouchers, and we don’t ask you to fill out any boring surveys.


Request your free CSG card

To become part of the CSG loyalty scheme, simply- fill out the form to request your free CSG card. Once it arrives, register the card online and you’re ready to start saving immediately.