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Terms and conditions

We are Construction Supplier Group Ltd., a company registered in England and Wales under number 12202588. Our registered office is Craven House, 40-44 Uxbridge Road, London, United Kingdom, W5 2BS.
Our content, copyright, logos, domain names and other related intellectual property rights or other features of our brand belong to us or our licensors. Your use of our services does not grant you any rights in our or our licensors’ intellectual property whether for commercial or non-commercial use.

CSG Loyalty Plus Terms & Conditions:

  1. Your account has an associated identification number, referred to as your CSG ID. This is the number printed on your CSG card and held in our database.
  2. Your CSG ID will be used by Construction Supplier Group Ltd. partners to track your usage of the CSG Loyalty Plus program and associated discounts, in association with your copany name. For full details please view our full Privacy Policy.
  3. No transaction using a Construction Supplier Group Ltd. discount is accepted until the participating partner company has confirmed it to you.
  4. Goods, services and/or discounts are subject to availability and may change from time to time.
  5. Construction Supplier Group Ltd. exclusive discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or dis­counted rate, unless otherwise stated.
  6. Construction Supplier Group Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any listed discounts or offers at any given time.
  7. Construction Supplier Group Ltd. and its associated partners reserve the right to refuse service or terminate a discount or transaction at any time, for any reason.
  8. Discounts offered by Construction Supplier Group Ltd. may expire at any point, without notice.
  9. We may close any CSG Loyalty Plus account on which no purchases have been made with our partners for a continuous period of at least 12 months.
  10. CSG Loyalty Plus accounts can be closed at any time by the account holder by notifying us. If you’d subsequently like to reopen an account with us, you must reapply for a new card and new CSG ID.
  11. If your CSG Loyalty Plus card is lost, it is your responsibility to inform us and request a replacement card. You may continue using your CSG ID to receive Construction Supplier Group Ltd. discounts until your card replacement arrives and we receive.


  1. Construction Supplier Group Ltd. is a conglomerate comprised of multiple companies operate as
    one corporate group.
  2. As such, each individual partner of Construction Supplier Group Ltd. takes complete final responsibility for any and all agree­ments and transactions undertaken with them.
  3. When entering into a transaction with a partner of Construction Supplier Group Ltd. using Construction Supplier Group Ltd. exclusive discount, the contract made exists solely between the consumer and the specified partner.
  4. Construction Supplier Group Ltd. will not be liable for any damages or injury that accompany or result from your use of its partner companies. These include (but are not limited to) damages or injury caused by any:
    1. Use of (or inability to use) our partners and their services
    2. Failure of performance
    3. Faults with rented or purchased goods
    4. Faults with services purchased from our partners
    5. Faults with installations undertaken by our partners
    6. Computer virus, malware, or harmful components resulting from use of partner websites
  5. Construction Supplier Group Ltd. is not liable for any damages, including:
    1. Damages intended to compensate someone directly for a loss or injury
    2. Damages reasonably expected to result from a loss or injury (legally, “consequential damages”);
    3. Other miscellaneous damages and expenses resulting directly from a loss or injury
      (legally, “incidental damages”).
    4. Furthermore, we are not liable even if we’ve been negligent or if our authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages — or both.

Updates to our terms and conditions:

At any time, we may amend these terms of use to ensure that we remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations and to ensure that we are constantly improving your experience in using our services, so please ensure that you check our terms of use frequently. By continuing to use our services after any changes are made, you are accepting those changes and will be bound by them. If we make any important changes to our terms of use, we will notify you and make it clear what important changes have been made.